The expression “Made in Italy” is synonymous with imagination, creativity, and stories woven with style and glamour.

The Filifolli brand was born from the encounter between the many decades of production expertise of Alber S.p.a. and the 100% Italian design, dedicated to a young, dynamic woman, attentive to trends and product quality. A combination that unifies the pinch of madness with the selection of top quality materials: cottons and fine wools, silk and cashmere. The design looks to the eclectic nature of the cosmopolitan woman, who finds in the Italian style the answer to her need to express herself with a recognizable but not too showy taste, able to enhance her personality.

Filifolli, Smiling Italian Legs.


The Filifolli collections guide women on a journey into what they want to be and want to express, because dressing is never a random choice. Wearing Filifolli legwear and accessories means meeting and living the experience of Italian style through the quality of the yarns, the packaging and the workmanship of the garments. The collections that are characterized by a design that runs along the thread of the seasons and reinterprets their paradigm. Seasonality is one of the elements characterizing the lines, but it is not their essence. Filifolli wants to give a concrete answer to the woman’s need to feel free to wear a fine tulle sock in the middle of the winter, an elegant tight in the summer season on a special occasion, as well as a glamorous bolero on a summer evening at the beach.

Filifolli reinterprets and re-proposes the formula of the seasonal collection, making it "neverending".


The design follows an all-Italian vision, however based on a long year experience in the creation and production of legwear, born to give life to contemporary trends and to create a decidedly personal style of how to live your own outfit. Creativity, research for fine yarns, innovation in interpreting styles and fabrics, make Filifolli’s total look garments to all season accessories, ideal companions of a dynamic woman’s wardrobe, who lives the seasons according to the different moments of the day. An interpretation of Italian fashion that is ever more contemporary, avant-garde and cosmopolitan, also in the combination of fabrics with different heaviness and coverings. Around Italy, Rock and Filocontinuo. Three lines, three themes, three ways of being, one idea: to wear and show what the Filifolli woman is, how she feels expressing her style: unique, elegant, fashionable, sometimes crazy.

Crazy accessories for a daily dress.


CoverShoe, a sock for the shoe. A cover able to give a Rock and glamourous character to sneakers, to get them suitable for a special moment. A touch of ingenious madness and originality always available! Modern design and tested fit make the sneakers elegant looking and the non-slip sole ensures comfort and safety. A simple and practical accessory to wear and to carry always with you.

-CoverShoe is patent protected by Alber S.p.a.-

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    WHO'S NEXT, Paris 17-20.01.20 IMMAGINE ITALIA & CO., Firenze 01-03.02.20 HOMI & JEWELS, Milano 15-18.02.20 LA MODA ITALIANA, Almaty 04-06.03.20 LA MODA ITALIANA, Tokyo 24-25.03.20
Filifolli - Italian legs - Ivan Cocchi


Ivan Cocchi reinterprets the classic female accessory as a style element capable of expressing the character of the woman who chooses Filifolli. Accompanying and anticipating trends, understanding and interpreting the tastes and needs of contemporary women, they are the pillars on which to design the Filifolli collections. Not only tights, hold-ups or knee-highs, but fashion garments to create a true total look. Three different but complementary collection lines offer women and girls a score on which to resonate their note based on the occasions, their style or, more simply, the ideal combination to match with the outfit of the moment.


Elegant, classic, sophisticated, romantic, modern, original, carefree, rebellious, joyful, creative, in short ... Filifolli

Rock is the young and dynamic line which expresses the determination needed to face the daily challenges in life.
A unique and original novelty belonging to Rock line is the CoverShoe. A sock for the shoe. A cover able to give a Rock and glamour character to sneakers, with a touch of brilliant madness and originality always available.

-CoverShoe is patent protected by Alber S.p.a. -

Around Italy combines creativity, fine yarns, colors and style with accurate production, proposing itself as an expression of the Made in Italy. The theme is developed inspired by the regions of Italy, reinterpreted in a somewhat crazy way with tense lines, bold graphics and bold colors outlining the boundaries. Fine cotton, silk, cashmere and a selection of the best wool, make it a luxury accessory, fashionable, with an elegant and comfortable fit.

Filocontinuo brings together the “nice to have” items that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. Garments that have become “instant classics” among the Filifolli collections and which are proposed as continuous elements.

Filifolli - Italian legs - Made in Italy